Publication Charges

There are NO submission fees or page charges for this journal in the electric format. The printed journal is available for order and subscription by the authors and library if needed. If a submission is prepared according to our guidelines, no fee in whatever way should be incurred. However, we DO charge for significant formatting and copyediting of a manuscript. Please read the following carefully.

  • Light copyediting (fewer than 4 corrections a double-spaced page) and formatting (conversion from other LaTeX style to JBDS style with 30 minutes of work) are free.
  • Convert from Word or other format to LaTeX: $10 a page (text only, double-spaced, additional $5 with ¼ or less formulas, additional $10 with more than ¼ formulas); $5 a table or a figure. The author will be informed and provided a bill in advance and the option to do the conversion themselves.
  • Heavy copyediting such as rewriting and significant grammatical error correction is charged for $30 a page (around 500 words a page). The author will be informed and provided a bill on the service in advance.
  • All fees will only occur after a manuscript is accepted but before publication.

Please contact for more information.